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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking for Preppers near you

The Michigan Preppers Network Welcomes our Newest Members:

Hello all! I am a new member to the network from Michigan. I have been a prepper for years and have made preparedness one of my hobbies. I have learned to integrate preparedness into my life and each time I camp, hunt or just walk in the wilderness (rural or urban) I take the opportunity to hone my skills, learn more about survival and enjoy life. I am fortunate that my family is on-board with me in my preperations which is the single-most important element in my on-going preparations. We are currently looking at bug-out properties in Northern Michigan since bugging-in is not an option due to our homes proximity to larger population centers. I look forward to sharing and learning here as well as meeting like-minded people.

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Hello Michigan Preppers,

I just signed up on the APN forum and then found the Michigan section. I know a lot of us are pretty private people and don't necessarily want to announce to the world where we are, but it's nice to know there are others like us. I look forward to being in the forum and hopefully seeing more Michigan preppers.



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Hey there Preppers!
I have just moved back home to Alpena to get ready for whatever the future holds.
Looking forward to chatting with like-minded individuals!

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I am from the branch county area. Looking to meet like minded people.

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New from Michigan. Always looking for more great information.

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My name is John and live in central western Michigan I have been preparing for about 2 months ans could use all the support and tips I can get

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Hello to all the Michigan preppers.
I sure hope you guys are out there!
i am prepping from the eastern part of Michigan.
Looking for like minded preppers :)

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How To Join The Michigan Preppers Network

Come learn survival, preparedness and sustainable living with us!

The Preppers networks are all about volunteering our knowledge and skills with each other. We share ideas, tips and basically network with each other to survive any type of disaster whether natural, man made, or economic. Information that you learn and share with others will help everyone learn how to find "Freedom Through Teaching Others Self Reliance."

Joining the Michigan Preppers Network is simple, and most of all, it's Free! To join, just follow these few steps.

1) Register to become a member of the American Preppers Network www.AmericanPreppersNetwork.net The registration page is here: http://americanpreppersnetwork.net/ucp.php?mode=register

2) Once you have your account, go to the index page of the forum and do your first post by introducing yourself in the new members area. http://americanpreppersnetwork.net/index.php

3) Once you know how to do posts, visit the Michigan forum and introduce yourself. The Michigan forum can be found by scrolling to the lower section of the index page where you will find a list of states, or you can go directly by following this URL: www.MichiganPreppersNetwork.net

4) After you've visited the Michigan forum, follow this link to learn how to join the Michigan Preppers Network group:

APN's success depends on your contributions. If you would like to donate to our organization by becoming a Gold Member you can join the APN Gold Members club by following this link:
Gold Membership is only $5 per month. For a list of Gold Member benefits go here

Thank you for your support!
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