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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Saginaw, Michigan Will Be the City Government of Beijing

If you’re wondering what China plans on doing with that $2 Trillion plus in US dollar cash reserves, then this may be part of the answer: To read report follow the link below:

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Swine flu pandemic outbreak sweeping through Britain even though 70 percent were vaccinated last year

(NaturalNews) A swine flu pandemic is sweeping through Britain despite the fact that 70 percent of Britain's over-65 population was vaccinated against swine flu last year. This year, that number is nearly the same -- 68.5% -- but flu vaccine proponents insist that until everyone is vaccinated, the flu will continue to infect people.

What these vaccine advocates absolutely will not admit, however, is how many of those who are sick with the flu this year also got vaccinated last year. This little detail is left out of every mainstream media report on vaccines and the flu. They simply refuse to mention this all-important number, leaving readers to leap to the incorrect conclusion that only those who were not vaccinated get sick with the flu.

Most infected patients were previously vaccinated

That assumption is false. In fact, of the 450 critical care beds in England that are now occupied by flu patients, I have no doubt that most of those infected patients are people who received flu vaccines in the past.

Such statistics are never made available to the public or the press, of course. To release such statistics would expose the Great Lie of the vaccine industry: That flu vaccines simply don't work on 99 percent of people!

In fact, the people who are most susceptible to catching the flu are precisely the very same people who get vaccinated. Why is that? Because vaccines weaken the immune system in the long run, leaving you more vulnerable to future infections. They deny your immune system the opportunity to practice its own adaptive response to invading microorganisms or viruses, thereby causing your immune system to atrophy in the same way that a wheelchair-bound person will experience leg muscle atrophy.

The immune system is a lot like a muscle: Use it or lose it!

But flu vaccines provide weakened viruses to the immune system (along with other preservative chemicals that can be extremely dangerous to neurological health). It's sort of like working out your muscles at the gym but having your trainer do all the heavy lifting for you. Obviously you're not going to have very strong muscles in the end because your body won't need to invoke a very strong adaptive response.

The same is true with vaccines and the flu: If your body is exposed to weakened flu viruses year after year, it gets lazy and weak, and when it one day comes into contact with a full-strength virus circulating in the wild, it's not in good enough shape to handle the challenge.

Vitamin D deficiency is widespread in Britain

At the same time this is going on, a person who is vitamin D deficient will also have an alarmingly weak immune system response because vitamin D activates the immune system to do its job. In people with extremely low vitamin D levels, even vaccines containing weakened viruses won't solicit an antibody response. But instead of testing patients for vitamin D deficiency and prescribing that with the vaccine, conventional medical doctors and contagious disease authorities robotically urge everyone to just "get multiple vaccine shots" as if following one failed vaccine with yet another failed vaccine will somehow make them both work.

That's idiotic, of course. And the other idiotic thing about all this is that if people had sufficient levels of vitamin D circulating in their blood, they wouldn't need seasonal flu vaccines in the first place! That's because a strong, healthy immune system with lots of circulating vitamin D is universally effective at halting ALL seasonal flu strains, with near 100% success in those with vitamin D levels between 50 - 70 (ng/dL).

The three main reasons behind Britain's flu pandemic

So the real reason Britain is suffering a swine flu pandemic right now is actually three-fold:

#1) It's winter in the Northern Hemisphere, and Britain is so far north (of the equator) that the people living there aren't currently generating any vitamin D whatsoever. This makes virtually the entire British population ridiculously vitamin D deficient throughout the winter.

#2) The majority of the British population has been subjected to flu vaccines in previous years, weakening their immune systems and making them more vulnerable to this year's flu strains.

#3) The flu strain itself is so successful in the wild precisely because so many Britons walk around in chronic states of immune suppression (from vitamin D deficiency, chronic stress, poor dietary habits and so on). This creates a "viral breeding ground" which encourages more rapid virus mutations that make vaccines obsolete anyway.

The question you are not allowed to ask vaccine quacks

The vaccine-pushing quack medical community believes that if they could magically convince 100 percent of the people to get vaccinated, they would have this problem licked. In their own minds, they have unscientifically convinced themselves that a vaccine equals automatic and full protection against a flu virus.

And yet even they won't dare ask this simple question: Of all the people sick from the flu who are right now lying in Britain's hospital beds, what percentage were vaccinated against the flu last year or this year?

The answer to that question will expose the outright fraud of the vaccine industry because the answer is a very large number. No one in the medical industry dares ask that question, of course, because they realize that delving into the actual re-infection rate of flu vaccine recipients would expose their quackery and fraud, causing yet more people to lose faith in vaccines which are, after all, sold based entirely on misplaced faith and clever propaganda.

The flu vaccine propaganda, of course, demands that people never be allowed to collide with the scientific facts about how many people who are vaccinated against the flu still catch the flu anyway. (The flu re-infection rate.) That's why you will NEVER see an honest answer to this question released by hospitals, vaccine companies or vaccine-pushing doctors.

Keep taking your flu jabs, everybody. But don't ask whether they actually work, because that question isn't allowed to be asked in the cult of medicine that dominates the sick-care landscape around the world today.

We wouldn't want actual science to interfere with a really profitable con job now, would we?

Monday, December 27, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030845_Britain_swine_flu.html#ixzz19JfOYEgc

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Feds target airline pilot for exposing TSA security sham on YouTube

A Sacramento-based airline pilot is the subject of a federal investigation for exposing what he says are serious flaws in the U.S. Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) airport security protocols. According to ABC News10 in Sacramento, the 50-year-old pilot who requested to remain anonymous says that TSA applies its strict screening protocols to passengers and even flight crews, but ground crews are freely able to access secure areas with a simple card swipe.

"As you can see, airport security is kind of a farce," the pilot explains in his video, as he shows an entrance to a secure area. "It's only smoke and mirrors so you people believe there is actually something going on here."

The pilot has worked for his airline for more than ten years and had been issued a federal handgun to carry with him in the cockpit. But after blowing the whistle on the serious security breaches taking place at the airport, four federal air marshals and two sheriff's deputies shows up at his house to confiscate the weapon, and they also asked him to give up his state-issued concealed weapon carry permit.

On December 6, the pilot also received a letter from the TSA explaining that "an administrative review into your deputation status as a Federal Flight Deck Officer has been initiated," a move that he believes is a warning from the Feds saying not to mess with the system, unless you want to face the consequences.

According to the same ABC News10 report, the pilot's airline asked him to remove the videos from YouTube shortly after he posted them, but portions of the videos captured as part of the ABC News10 report can be viewed at the following link:

Monday, December 27, 2010 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/030844_airline_pilot_TSA.html#ixzz19JiD3qDl

Sources for this story include:


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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Michigan Preppers Roll Call

The Michigan Preppers Network is conducting a Roll Call on our forum.  If you are a prepper please check in.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Looking for Preppers near you

The Michigan Preppers Network Welcomes our Newest Members:

Hello all! I am a new member to the network from Michigan. I have been a prepper for years and have made preparedness one of my hobbies. I have learned to integrate preparedness into my life and each time I camp, hunt or just walk in the wilderness (rural or urban) I take the opportunity to hone my skills, learn more about survival and enjoy life. I am fortunate that my family is on-board with me in my preperations which is the single-most important element in my on-going preparations. We are currently looking at bug-out properties in Northern Michigan since bugging-in is not an option due to our homes proximity to larger population centers. I look forward to sharing and learning here as well as meeting like-minded people.

To post your welcome please follow this link:

Hello Michigan Preppers,

I just signed up on the APN forum and then found the Michigan section. I know a lot of us are pretty private people and don't necessarily want to announce to the world where we are, but it's nice to know there are others like us. I look forward to being in the forum and hopefully seeing more Michigan preppers.



To post your welcome please follow this link:

Hey there Preppers!
I have just moved back home to Alpena to get ready for whatever the future holds.
Looking forward to chatting with like-minded individuals!

To post your welcome please follow this link:

I am from the branch county area. Looking to meet like minded people.

To post your welcome please follow this link:

b a
New from Michigan. Always looking for more great information.

b a

To post your welcome please follow this link:

My name is John and live in central western Michigan I have been preparing for about 2 months ans could use all the support and tips I can get

To post your welcome please follow this link:

Hello to all the Michigan preppers.
I sure hope you guys are out there!
i am prepping from the eastern part of Michigan.
Looking for like minded preppers :)

To post your welcome please follow this link:

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How To Join The Michigan Preppers Network

Come learn survival, preparedness and sustainable living with us!

The Preppers networks are all about volunteering our knowledge and skills with each other. We share ideas, tips and basically network with each other to survive any type of disaster whether natural, man made, or economic. Information that you learn and share with others will help everyone learn how to find "Freedom Through Teaching Others Self Reliance."

Joining the Michigan Preppers Network is simple, and most of all, it's Free! To join, just follow these few steps.

1) Register to become a member of the American Preppers Network www.AmericanPreppersNetwork.net The registration page is here: http://americanpreppersnetwork.net/ucp.php?mode=register

2) Once you have your account, go to the index page of the forum and do your first post by introducing yourself in the new members area. http://americanpreppersnetwork.net/index.php

3) Once you know how to do posts, visit the Michigan forum and introduce yourself. The Michigan forum can be found by scrolling to the lower section of the index page where you will find a list of states, or you can go directly by following this URL: www.MichiganPreppersNetwork.net

4) After you've visited the Michigan forum, follow this link to learn how to join the Michigan Preppers Network group:

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Thank you for your support!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Long Absents Explained

I want to apologize for my long absents, but it could not be helped. To tell the whole story, or at least just the highlights of it, I need to go back to the week before deer hunting season this year.

I had a doctor’s appointment the Friday before the opener. I went and my doctor wanted to put me on a new medicine. Now, I tend to be fairly hardheaded and not easily persuaded into anything I am not ready or willing to tackle. We talked about it and I was adamant that I not start the new meds until after deer season. That turned out to be one of the better decisions I ever made.

My buddy and I had a great time at the cabin. We didn’t see many deer and only one shot was even attempted. (Toolman missed.) Toolman had gone up the week before and repaired the furnace and re-wired the breaker box so we could hook up a generator. First time since I have owned the place we were warm and had lights for deer season. We can’t wait for next year.

Anyway, the week after I got home I went back to the doctor and started the new medicine. One week to the day after I started it I had a reaction to it and ended up in the hospital for a week. (I can not imagine what it would have been if it happened while I was up north hunting.)

I know very few of you know me personally, but those that do know I do not take drugs of any kind and never have. I hate taking an aspirin for a headache and rarely do. When the attack hit me I was begging for drugs. They gave me some pain medicine that had me seeing things. At one point I was in a cave instead of the hospital and I saw long dead pets walking around the room. I was messed up!

I got released from the hospital a week after I was admitted and came home. I spent several weeks trying to sleep in the chair, the guest room bed, and the couch, usually all in one night. I was lucky to drift off for an hour at a time. I couldn’t eat either. I have lost over forty pounds since then. It is good for me, but I feel weak and not like my old self.

I could not sit and use the computer much more than read a few e-mails at a time and answering them was a tough chore. I write free-lance articles for several magazines under my real name too and I couldn’t write anything, I just couldn’t sit at the computer, it hurt too much.

My wife was a rock for me and she proved yet again that marrying her is the best decision I ever made in my life. I could not have made it home alone without her and my son whom happened to be home from college for this ordeal.

My thoughts on survival and preparedness changed a lot during that time. All I cared about was getting my health and strength back. I had to change my diet and now a lot of my stored food is no longer “healthy” for me to eat. Ironically, one of the last things I wrote for this blog but forgot to send in was a receipt for the breakfast I make up at deer camp and Sundays here on the farm. I can no longer eat that breakfast now, all the stuff in it is bad for me.

I am now almost back to my old self. I will be returning to work in a week or so and my life should start to get back to normal by spring. I am not sure when or even if I will be writing again for a while. Needless to say I am way behind on lots of stuff.

Anyway, that is why I have not been around in a couple months. Let’s hope someone else steps up and adds some stuff for the Michigan Preppers.


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