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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Toolman, my son, and I had a nice time at the cabin deer hunting this year. Unfortunately we didn’t get any deer. My son came home on leave from the Navy for the week and I was really hoping he would get a nice shot anyway.
   We had cut a deal with one of the neighbors up there earlier this spring and the guy built a nice deer blind on the point of a hill on our property. He uses it during bow season and we use it during firearms season. Toolman and I were very impressed with the blind and want to build one down here on the farm and another one up north at the cabin.
     Being cheap we have kept our eyes and ear open and have come up with over half the material we need already. My latest coup was getting enough 2X6s to the floor bracing. A buddy at work told me he had some scrap lumber the wanted to get rid of. I never asked the size or how much I just told him I would come and get it. He said no, he would bring it into work. The next week he backed his truck up to mine and we tossed a bunch of treated 2X6s in the bed of my truck.
     There are a ton of useful items out there that people are getting rid of all the time. It takes little effort to put the word out that you need something. The surprising thing is that it will show up sooner than you think.
     Oh, and I need a few pieces of metal roofing for the two blinds, if you have some to get rid of just give me a call….

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Anonymous said...


Glad you're back! Great posts - looking forward to more!

We are scroungers too....I am always amazed at what folks throw and/or give away. If they are that foolish to toss it I have no trouble taking it. We've scored some great items - some very pricey ones too.....all for free.

The trick is to keep you eyes and ears open all the time!

MaMaBear in the Mitten

riverwalker said...

One man's trash, is another man's treasure!

This is a great point you brought up and is something that is often overlooked by a lot of folks.

Great post Wolverine! Will post a link to it!


Adam said...

Wolverine, just found this post through Riverwalker at Stealth Survival. Scrounging can be very rewarding, as you pointed out. I am finishing up a greenhouse for starting seeds this week. All materials used so far have been scrounged through the scrap bin at work and friends with extra "trash" they didn't need. Scrounging is a great way to save money!

Dustin said...


local classifieds, too

lots of free (and near-free) stuff to be found.

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