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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stumbling Forward

What is the difference between survival and living? Come on, you know what I mean. You stay alive in both cases, but in one case you carry on some semblance of life. A debris shelter and a rabbit over a flint and steel fire is survival. A wood stove in your house with a meal cooking on it is living. Be honest with yourself. Which would you rather be doing after the balloon goes up? I for one do not want to be setting deadfalls if I can preplan ahead and buy traps and snares that work better. I have books on wild edible foods, but a garden would be better.

The old saying is that forewarned is fore armed. You are reading the prep blogs so you can have yourself better prepared for any future problems. It is important that you maintain a steady progress toward that magic point where you feel totally prepared. I personally doubt I will ever reach that point, but each week I get closer to it and feel better about my family’s chances.

A lot of e-mails and phone call were traded within our small group of preppers. The events of the Dow drop and the riots in London have made us step up our awareness. Tonto pulled the trigger on some planned purchases, Toolman came by and dropped off some “trade goods” and checked our supplies of defensive martial. E has kept us posted with some internet news articles from around the globe. My farm is one of several “fall back” locations for Tonto and Toolman. If things get beyond what they feel they can handle at their locations they are likely to show up here. All of these plans have been discussed already and everyone is kept in the loop. (E has a farm fall back location in Central Ohio waiting for him or he would be welcome too.)

While none of us feel we are totally prepared and ready we do know that with the help and support of each other we will weather the coming months, or we will band together and defend our supplies against all odds.

All of the talking, reading, planning, and prepping everyone has been doing is starting to look like “money in the bank” as it were. I hope that my fellow Michiganders are ready. Always remember that even when you stumble it is in a forward direction, so when all else fails, kept stumbling forward.



Anonymous said...

Dang it Wolverine there you go blowing my plans to the whole world...ahh.. wait, never mind, no one comments here so our plans are safe. Disregard that please, this isn't who you think it is.

No one can ever be 100% ready, my goal is to be 80% ready then simper gumby that last 20% IF the day TSHTF occurs. The #1 thing we need to so is stop whining about how bad things are and get things done. Winter is only a few short months away and I want to LIVE not just survive during these cold northern Winter months. Now is the time to get the firewood & alternative heating supplies put away if the power goes out, make sure you have properly insulated your home or have a insulated bugout shelter. Set up a means of communicating with nearby neighbors or fellow preppers.
Keep safe,

Atreus said...

Another nice article, Wolverine. Thanks for the contributions.

It's nice to live in out in the country and have several close, but not too close, neighbors (and a few kin living close by) with whom to network if things get bad.

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