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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Now More Than Ever
Have you seen any of the articles on the fact that you can be a terrorist if you have over seven days food supply stored? Coupled that will weapons, ammunition, and fuels and you could well be on the inside looking out.
Now, I must say I really question that. First of all, think about all the non-prepping people you know. How many of those folks have a freezer full of food. Surely that would more than seven day’s worth. How about the people that get paid only once or twice a month? When they shop they usually buy for the time frame between paychecks. They will have more than seven days food supply on hand. Any Cowboy Action shooter will have a nice arsenal and supply of ammo. I am sure you get my point; just about anyone can fall in that category.
Now, IF the rumor about that is correct just how in the hell can it be enforced without having half the population locked up? I suspect that there is more to this then we now know.
Look, how many times have you read about some poor guy that got in trouble and police raided his home and found a large number of guns and “thousands of rounds of ammunition.” The raid had nothing to do with guns and ammo but the guy is crucified for having them. Go out and buy a couple bricks of .22s and you too will have the same thousands of rounds of ammo headline. Toolman and I used to shoot up between five hundred and a thousand rounds on a Saturday afternoon. Needless to say in order to do that we need to have that much ammo on hand.
Prepping is hard enough without people going off half cocked about something they “heard”. We can all make a long list of stuff we have heard over the years that we can not verify. I for one would love to get my hands on that 100 mile per gallon carburetor I have “heard” about since the late 1960s.
I refuse to let them scare me into not prepping. I am not a terrorist. I spent the better part of fourteen years wearing a uniform and training to protect my fellow citizen and my country. My supply of food, guns, ammo, and fuel does not make me a terrorist, my intent to harm does, and I do not have any intention of causing harm unless I am defending myself or my family. As an old friend of mine used to say, “Don’t let the bastards get you down!” Stay positive and keep prepping, now more than ever.
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Anonymous said...

It's funny, many of the things we do as preppers (setting aside supplies of food, tools,ammo, etc.) were considered just good common sense a generation ago. Now anything or anyone that deviates from the norm, even if it's for protection of family and property, is looked upon with suspicion.

Anonymous said...

Nothing makes sense anymore. DHS/FEMA/Red Cross have information about wanting people to be prepared yet now the powers that be think you are a threat because you're not totally relying on the gov't. It just doesn't make sense anymore. I won't let fear dictate how prepared I am, but I will not be shouting from the rooftops that I do or don't because I'm beginning to run into those who's idea of preparing is buying nothing but guns & ammo and befriending REAL preppers to leach off of if TSHTF. Now is the time to also find out who your real friends are.

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