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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fire and Water

Fire and Water

The people of Monroe have been under a boil advisory for a few days now. Apparently there are some bacteria in the water and it needs to be boiled before it can be used. I am sure that a week or so ago very few people in Monroe thought much about their water. They just walked over to the tap and drew a glass full and drank it, no fuss no muss. The same can most likely be side for the folks in the Midwest. One day they had homes and jobs and family and the next an F-5 tornado took everything. Now the survivors have to boil water to drink and they are without power and resources to do that in a lot of cases.

How about you? Have you thought about what you will do for emergency drinking water? With all the rain we have had here in Michigan the last few weeks the ditches are full and there is a lot of standing water, but it has to be treated before it is safe to use. Does your BOB have a water filter in it, or tables, or just matches for a fire? Water ranks high on the list of human needs so make sure you are putting some thought into how you will prepare you and your family for this life giving item.

I made a great find the other day. I walked in an out of the way store and happened to spot a pile of Strike Anywhere matches on the shelf. The three pack bundles were marked three dollars each. I broke out a twenty and took the whole lot. Strike Anywhere matches are harder to find now. Most everything in kitchen matches are the new Strike on the Box kind.

I transferred the boxes of matches into several large glass jars I had in the barn so they are now sealed in a dry enclosure to insure they will stay working for years to come. One other note on matches. When I hit the rummage sale where I bought the crosscut saw I also picked up a coffee can full of box matches for a dollar. I put some of those in several locations around the farm so I would have matches close at hand if needed. A dozen book matches in a jar with a lid can turn out to be very handy. I have some in the barn, the outbuildings, the garage and the basement. I feel that is one of those low cost prep items that can prove to be a life saver under the right conditions.

You need to make sure that the basics are covered in your preps, so start with two of the most important basics, fire and water.


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