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Friday, June 10, 2011

Surviving a Hostile City, a Review

Tonto and I went to a gunshow a few weeks back and ran into one of the authors of Surviving a Hostile City, Book 1. Retired SF Sergeant Major, Kent Alwood is the author, along with Lorna Dare. We talked with Mr. Alwood for a few minutes. He has several books geared solely for prepping to survive in the city. Each approaches aspects of sheltering in place while in a large town.

The book has twenty chapters covering a lot of the normal concerns that come with sheltering in place in a big city. Alwood covers food, water, medical needs, MAGs (Mutual Assistance Groups), hunting & trapping, and Gangs to mention a few. There are a couple of chapters that may cause the faint of heart to have convulsions. One such is on animals in survival. Very few people would look at the neighbor’s poodle as a future meal. Alwood simply mentions that and others as a possibility. In other parts of the world dogs and cats are “ranch animals” to some extent. I extreme conditions you might surprise yourself on what passes for a meal.

Another chapter that will more than raise eyebrows is his chapter on cannibalism. He gives a fairly straight forward thought on the prospects of eating fellow humans to stay alive. He is not some Jeffery Dahmer or Alfred Packer that eats others for some psychotic reason but rather states that it might be the only source of food left to keep you alive. He also states that if you do resort to cannibalism you are most likely as good as dead yourself since you have to be at your lowest ebb to turn to eating another human.

I like the approach that Alwood has taken in his book. His “I live in a city and I am going to stay and survive here” approach gives you a lot of the meat you need to put together just such a survival plan. Since my preparedness plans revolve around sheltering in place at the farm I have used many of the same ideas Alwood presents in the book.

One drawback to the book is that he has broken a lot of the chapters down into other volumes he plans to bring out in the future. His book might have been a little better if he had added more to this volume and put more knowledge into one book.


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