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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Different Way To communicate

I am packing and getting everything ready for a trip north to go deer hunting. Putting meat in the freezer is a yearly goal of my personal survival plan. Sorry for the short article but I need my time spent other places the next couple weeks.

I see an earlier post deals with communication. I like using a hand held radio. I always tried to be the guy carrying the radio, even when it was the big PRC-25. When the newer small units came out they were great. “Papa Mike Oscar, Papa Mike Oscar this is Romeo Papa Two, do you copy?” (Provost Marshal Office this is Roving Patrol 2) Yeah, good times.

But what do you do when your batteries are long passed dead, or you need to remain silent at your post, but still need to pass on information? A friend of mine told me how his Special Forces team handled that problem, hand signals. Now how do you send hand signals that can be seen from a distance? Easy, just like is done every Saturday all across the country, use football signal.

Think about it. You can use touchdown, both arms in the air, to mean people coming. Crossing both arms over each other like incomplete pass can mean no information to relay. There are a lot of signals you can use, from several sports to mix it up and you can make them mean whatever you need them to mean.

That can also be adapted to other uses as well. “I saw a deer headed toward you” could be illegal procedure. “It’s a doe” could be holding. “I’m cold and headed back to camp,” could be face mask. Shouting through the woods is never a good idea, but if you per-plan your communications you can help your success. Your communications are limitless if you care to figure out the signals in advance.


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