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Friday, November 20, 2009

Simple Survival Tips - Ammo Cans

Re-post courtesy Riverwalker's Stealth Survival

Just curious to see if there are a lot of people out there who use ammo cans for storing "stuff" besides ammo. If the seals are good, they are pretty much dust-proof and water-proof. They're usually pretty sturdy and are good for storing lots of different "stuff".

Here are some of the different items I've stored in ammo boxes:

1.) Nail, bolts, screws, etc. - they don't get rusty

2.) Sandwiches and drinks - sort of a survival lunchbox

3.) Tow chains - sturdy ehough to hold the heavy ones

4.) Misc. tools - whatever I could stuff in there

5.) Ammo and gun cleaning kits ( I think this is the intended use!)

What have you used your ammo cans for other than ammo?

Staying above the water line!


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