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Friday, November 6, 2009

Sharing the Wealth As I Understand It

The President, then a candidate, told Joe the Plumber he wanted to “spread the wealth around.” Several of his top Czars have been quoted as having a strong desire to have a “redistribution” of wealth in the country. In other words, they want to take from the haves and give to the have not’s.
OK, so let us see how that would work out on a small scale and then we can expand it to the whole. Let us say that the Lions are playing football. In the second quarter the Lions rack up a total of 124 yards offense and hold the opponent to 8 yards offense. Barry Sanders rushed for 62 yards, and Bill Simms ran one play for 22 yards and a TD. Bobby Layne tossed three completions for the remaining 40 yards.
Now, as I understand it we need to spread the wealth around. So Barry has to give up enough yards so he and Billy are the same. The three passes need to be evened out so that Eric Hipple and Milt Plumb each get some credit. After all that would be social justice.
In that quarter the team scored two TDs and a FG. Yale Lary kicked two PATs and one FG. Barry scored one TD and Billy the other. Points are fairly even at 5, 6 and 6. But wait. What about the guys on defense. Alex Karris and Night Train Lane both feel they should get some points too. After all they held the other team to 8 yards. Maybe the center should get a point for hiking the ball to the holder, who gets a point and the kicker only gets one point for kicking it. Now that seems fair doesn’t it? Sims and Sanders can pool their two TDs and each player on offense can get one point. Of course defense is upset and as soon as Rodney Pete goes under center Nick Petorcelli steps aside and the defense goes in and the QB gets creamed. As he is getting picked up off the ground his “team mates” explain that unless he tosses each of them a pass he will meet every blade of grass in Briggs Stadium.
Now that the Lions have everything equal for all, let’s work on the whole league. After all, Joe Montana got to go to a lot of Pro Bowls and Eric Hipple didn’t. How about Eric gets in a couple of Pro Bowls so he doesn’t have to make his living selling guitar lessons after football? Why should Jerry Rice always go to the Superbowl, it is not right that the rich get richer. Down with the elite, up with the common player!
And what about the fans? Why should some fat cat get to sit in a box or on the fifty and the poor slugs have to sit in the upper deck end zone? I say we are all entitled to fifty yard line seats, hell make it field passes, and first come first served, no a lottery, no a bid, no … oh hell, just make it fair!
At the end of the season every man woman and child in America gets their free Superbowl ring along with their refund check. Illegals can pick theirs up at any city hall. After all they are entitled too.
Ok, that is how I understand sharing the wealth. I guess there is no room in our society for those that are successful. The CEOs that toss the ball for the company and get rewarded for it and the running back managers that make the company work get paid more just like in the NFL. There are linemen that are important, just like the workers that make the widgets. They all work together, hence the term “teamwork”. For whatever reason some guys have been blessed to be better at some jobs than others. I believe the bible calls it talents. Do not waste time on wishing you had the CEO job, learn to use your talents so that you become the highest paid for that talent. We can all make a ton of money.
I heard Rich DeVos speak once. I have been lucky enough in my life to meet, talk to, and listen to several folks that are/were on the Forbes 400 list. DeVos made the statement that there is not a finite amount of wealth. The poor do no get poor because someone else made money. Wealth is created and anyone can create it and become wealthy. The poor become poor because they do not do those things that the wealthy do to get and stay wealthy. The quarterbacks will always be the guys in the spotlight and running backs will always be talked about. You can not spread the wealth around in football and you can not spread the wealth around in America. You need to do your thing and educate yourself on becoming wealthy. Do not wait for the President or congress to do it for you because rest assured, if they do they will be first in line for the most and the rest of use will get hind tit.

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Anonymous said...

Does sharing the wealth sound a bit like socialism to anyone but me?

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