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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The List of Lists

Don’t tell Tonto, but this is really his idea for a post. I steal some of his good ideas from time to time. I know Rawles refers to his list of lists from time to time, but Tonto was doing it long before Rawles came along.

It is a simple concept really. You get a small pocket notebook and keep it with you. In it you make a list of items you are looking for. What I do is keep items separated by category in my book. On one page I will have my needs in ammo and firearms items. It might list .308 hunting rounds, .32 automatic pistol rounds, a can of Rem Oil, new .22 cleaning brush. When I am at a gun show I can look over my list to make sure I am looking for those needed items.

Besides firearm related items your notebook can have categories like food staples, tools, books, gardening supplies, lighting needs, and on and on. I doubt any two preppers would have identical notebook entries, but a lot of them will be similar.

As you read the blogs and have conversations with other preppers you will get struck with ideas for things you would like to have for your preps. You simply add them to your notebook.

Another list I keep is the chores I need to get done around the farm and retreat. Writing down those things makes them more like goals to accomplish and helps get them completed.

As I get older I find that a lack of organization cost me money in not having things at my finger tips like I should. The list of lists helps me remember what I need and where it is when I do get it. Good luck in keeping your list of lists.


P.S. Anybody notice the similarity between Michigan Roads and that game Skittle Bowl where you roll the ball into the rings and win prizes? Think about it. You drive the roads trying to keep your tires out of the big pot holes and if you have to hit a hole you want it to be the smallest possible. You don’t get prize tickets, your “prize” in not having tire damage, not needing a wheel alignment, or no front end suspension damage. The roads in our township are really bad this year and I think we would be better off if we had left some roads gravel instead of paving them a few years back.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Damn that Tonto guy is one smart fellow. I'm seriously going to start charging you three pre-64 dimes, a silver eagle, a box of 7.62x39 or 5lbs of rice and black beans for every topic we talk about and I find it in writing somewhere. OR I just might not reply anymore to your emails or questions anymore buddy!


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