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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Some Random Thoughts

It looks like spring finally arrived in Michigan. As I write this we have had a couple weeks of temperatures in the sixties and even a few days of sunshine. I finally mowed the yard for the first time. I found a few morels too. You can not have too many mushrooms.

I built a composting bin last week. I had a lot of grass after the cutting so I decided to make a compost bin and start using it. I had helped a friend from work with hers so I knew it was time to make mine too.

I clean up all my scrap metal around the farm twice a year. I load up in the spring and try to make a trip just before the snow flies. I usually put the money from that into rotating gas from storage. If you have the space scraping can be a great way to pick up some extra cash for prepping.

Have you heard the Dodge commercial on TV where the announcer talks about what a great car this one would be after the apocalypse? You would be able to out run zombies chasing you in it. It worried me that prepping has become so main stream that it is in commercials. Once “everyone” talks about something it seems to go south so after.

I found some Heirloom seeds on sale at Menard’s the other day. I picked up half a dozen packages for putting back. I discovered mice had gotten into the supply we had at the farm sometime after Dad passed away. They will be sealed and put in the freezer for now to help keep their life a little longer.

I have been clearing a lot of brush on the farm this spring. I seem to clear a lot of brush on the farm period. I used to use a double bit axe but switched to an older single bit this spring. I do not like it nearly as well as the old double. I should do a story on the double bit axe. In my early youth my grandfather knew some old lumberjacks that were kids when his father ‘jacked near Manton, Michigan. These old boys showed me a lot about using those double bit axes. To this day I find that very few folks know the real reason there are two edges on an axe head. I surprised the hell out of a museum curator by knowing that tidbit of information.

Speaking of lumbering as it were, I stopped at a church rummage sale a few weeks ago and bought a single man crosscut saw for ten bucks. (A sawbuck in old time terms and sort of an irony if you ask me.) I like the idea of being able to cut up some wood without the noise of a chain saw. I can see a need for that after TSHTF.


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