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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Good Survival Tool

I have been doing a lot of spring work here on the farm and I happen to notice that about every other day the tool I need for the job at hand is the Number 2 round nosed shovel.

I would recommend that this be one of the first tools you acquire for your survival situation. It does not matter if you are sheltering in place or bugging out this tool has a lot of uses. The obvious job is digging. You can bury a cache or dig it up, make a latrine, use it as a weapon, clear snow, fight fires, and hundreds of other uses.

I heard or read that a guy used his shovel as a frying pan while out in the woods. The military E-tool is designed for chopping as well as digging. There is even the story of a Marine that used his E-tool as a weapon after he ran out of ammo and dispatched several enemy soldiers and lived to receive a medal of valor for his actions.

I keep a shovel inside the door of each of my outbuildings so that one is handy if I need it. One has the tip broken off from trying to pry a stone out of the ground and one has the handled glued and wrapped with wire to keep it useful. Even while not in perfect condition they are very useful.

It is not fancy or complex, but sometimes it is the simplest of tools that are the most useful. Make sure you have a good Number 2 shovel in your arsenal of survival tool.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah the handy shovel often abused and misused shovel. One thing I have been forcing myself to do is to properly clean and maintain my yard tools - especially the shovel and gardening tools by either spraying or using a wire brush to get the dirt or mud off before storing. People always forget to use a bastard file and sharpen the edge of a shovel - they work much much better just like a knife, a dull knife is dangerous, same as a dull shovel. Handles, they need care too, once a year usually before winter I wipe them down with extra virgin olive oil - linseed oil is best.
Good call Wolverine, the shovel, a often overlooked prepardness tool.

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