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Sunday, May 15, 2011

What Kind of Learner are You?

I am a sucker for garage sales. I should not be, but I am. I ran across one this morning on my way home so I stopped in. I like to look for survival supplies at garage sales and flea markets, mainly because they can be bought cheaper there. At this one there was a twenty pound propane cylinder, full, for $5. That would normally be a great deal but this tank had the old valves and could not be refilled. I already have several of those and just did not feel I wanted to store another “one time use” tank.

I did buy one thing though. I found a DVD called Liquid Gold, Gathering and filtering waste vegetable oil for fuel. The thing cost fifty cents and I figured that would be good to have around if things go to hell in a hand basket and I need to make fuel for the neighbor’s tractor.

As an aside here, my neighbor has a Ford tractor that runs on diesel. I do not have any equipment that uses diesel but I keep some on had for him. Tonto gave me another five gallon diesel jug the last time I was at his bunker compound and I will fill that and have it around for the neighbor. I have one of the best neighbor’s in the world and I want to make sure that his equipment can function if we need it. You might want to think about that if your neighbor has some equipment you might need to use in the future, have spares for him.

I tend to be a visual learner, meaning that I learn best by watching something. If I can follow up the watching with hands on training I can usually master a skill fairly quickly. Reading something is ok for me as far as learning, but it is probably my second weakest form. Auditor learning does not work as well for me as the others. I wish I had known all this when I was in high school and college, it might have helped me.

We all know that if we have TEOTWAWKI we will be learning new skill sets. It would be in your best interest to find out how you learn best and make sure that it works for you if you need a skill. A book on trapping might be fine for you, but your wife or son may need a DVD to learn. YouTube has given us thousands of chances to see and hear how people are prepping, but grid down it may no longer be an option. You can always fire up a generator and watch a video or DVD or sit down and read a book. Figure out the ways you learn best and prepare yourself, it just might save your life.


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