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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The First of Several Book Reviews

The First of Several Book Reviews
First, the proud father stuff. My youngest son graduated from IBOLC and is now a full fledged Infantry Officer in the United States Army. He had ROTC in college and wanted to try his hand at a military career. It was a great honor for his Aunt and I to attend his graduation and I felt very proud awarding him his Blue Infantry Cord. (I would have liked to given him my old green and yellow MP cord, but he wanted to take a different route.) He is now preparing for Ranger School and his dad is so damn proud of him he could just bust.

Ok, now the prep stuff. While we were in Georgia for his graduation we went to an out of the way eatery, the Four Winds Restaurant so my son could have a Ranger Burger. While there I spotted a book for sale by the cash register and picked it up. The book was called The Fugitive Forester by Joel Robertson.

The back of the book made a statement that the protagonist “gives real meaning to the term ’survivor’.” I do not read a lot of fiction but this one made me think about buying it so I did. It was fourteen dollars and I think the book is self-published.

In a nutshell, the main character is falsely accused of murder and instead of going to jail he sets up a plan to fake his own death and try and find the real killer. (This just screams for an OJ reference but I will reframe.) He pre-plans his death and places several caches in the area to help him survive.

The book could be a guideline for anyone that is planning to head for the woods in the event TSHTF or your plan of choice is to hide in the woods. The author describes several caching methods and ideas for supplies.

It wasn’t a bad book as it goes. There were several spots where some editing was missed, grammar and typos. There were also several things that just don’t ring true, like the Army leaving a supply of ammo and MREs setting by the side of the road for pick up later.

The book was good enough for me to stay up late one night during the work week to finish it, so that should say something for it. While not a step by step guideline for escaping to the woods reading this book will give some ideas that can be followed up on for later use.

Since prepping should not be all consuming in our lives we can take a break and read some fiction and still get some prepping knowledge at the same time. If you can find a copy give it a read, you just might enjoy the book. The publisher is listed as Brentwood Publishers Group, 4000 Beallwood Avenue, Columbus, Georgia 31904.


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