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Friday, April 8, 2011

Recent Accomplishments

Recent Accomplishments

I like the standard Friday post that Mickey Creekmore does, “What did you do to prepare this week?” By thinking about what you have done it gives you an idea on what goals you need to set for next week and it helps you realize that you have made steps in the right direction.

While I always reflect on what I did accomplish I rarely write about them outside talking to Tonto, Toolman, E, and my boys. Some things I would rather not share with the world. However, I thought I would share a few things with you and make a suggestion that might help you focus your prepping a little better.

I built two storage racks in the basement. I finished one the first few months I was here and had the other started and in parts. I finally finished getting the racks done. I built them so that they would double as bunk beds if we were forced to stay in the basement for some reason. I added sleeping bags and pads to the supplies down there so we will be able to sleep.

I sorted out some older MREs and sold them to Tonto. My son has gotten some newer ones from his training so we upgraded and rotated the stock.

I picked up three survival related books lately too. I read Creekmore’s book on his trailer set up, picked up the book “Surviving a Hostile City, Book I”, by Lorna Dare and Kent Alwood. Tonto and I ran into Kent Alwood at a gun show and chatted for a bit. So far it is an interesting book and I will tell more about it after I finish it. The last book came to me as a PDF file and is called Life, Freedom, & Survival” by James C. Jones. I got this from a couple of the officers in my old unit.

I bought a larger chain saw than the one I had. It is used but runs nice and will do a better job. With it I finally got limbs and trees cleaned up from the ice storm a while back. I have several dead or dying trees that I still need to cut down and get rid of and I have two nice Maple trees I want to transplant before they get any bigger.

Since my son took a lot of my gear for Ranger School I need to fill in some holes. In order to do that I sorted out a lot of extra gear and have it ready to sell. Just don’t know if I want to try and garage sale it or take it someplace and dump it all at once.

I have most of my seeds bought and need to get the garden going. As I write this we had snow today so it will be a little while yet.

Tonto and I hit a community garage sale and picked up several good survival supplies. I got a bunch of candles for a buck and a flashlight and gym bag for a buck. The gem of the day was the 300 watt inverter that Tonto found there. It has made me more aware to look for an inverter at other garage sales.

Did you happen to notice that almost everything I listed lead me to note something else I needed to do? Here is a suggestion that might help you focus your prep needs. Go to Rawles Survivalblog and read some of the profiles. After you have read a few write out your own profile. Re-read your profile and see where it shows weaknesses and strengths. When I did that I shared it with Tonto and he wrote back what he saw I was lacking in. One thing he noted is my need for more and newer fruit trees. If you have a trusted friend have them read yours and you read theirs and help each other improve what needs to be worked on. It is a good thing to know what you did for prepping this week.


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