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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Survival is Like Baseball

Survival is like baseball, it can be complex or simple, your choice.

I am a baseball fan. I truly love the game. I listened to George Kell and Ernie Harwell call the games every weekend as we traveled up north to the cabin. We left home about the time the game started and headed home just as the Sunday afternoon game started. It made the drive easier to deal with. I also played the game in high school although I mostly road the pines. After my wife and I got married and settled into life in the city we bought season tickets to the local minor league team and spent many a night watching baseball under the lights.

Baseball can be a very simple game. Throw the ball, hit the ball. Baseball can also be very complex, the game within the game. There can be intensity watching a runner lead off first base, trying to judge the correct distance that will give him time to get back on a pick-off move or make the break for second in time to steal the base. Forcing a throw to first by the runner can make many things happen, most of them bad for the field team. The pitcher can balk, throw a wild toss, or make a throw home that the batter can smoke. The first baseman can drop the ball or miss it entirely. Does the pitcher try a pitch out and hope to catch the runner? Can the catcher make a good throw to the bag? All of these things are part of the game. They make it interesting to watch and study.

Prepping can be the same way, simple or complex. Store some extra food, feel prepared. Or, you can change your lifestyle so that you are constantly in a state of preparedness. Growing and canning food, storing water, filters, and buying a Big Berkey. Putting away gas, kerosene, propane, and other fuels for lighting and cooking after TSHTF all add layers of preparedness.

Having season tickets doesn’t make you a better fan, just a more involved one. Having more storage than the next guy doesn’t make you a better prepper, just a more prepared one. Don’t get caught up in having the most, the best, and the newest stuff, just get caught up in the idea of understanding someday you will need to be self-sufficient.


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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

To a point I agree but there are also half assed players in the game who talk a great game. They may or may not have more food stored then the next person who have no clue how to cook it, how to plan a menu or even realize their 'year supply of food' only gives them 1200 calories per day.
Then let's talk about it's not just understanding you may need to be self sufficient one day, waiting until you need to be puts you in the same category as being Unprepared. You have the gear, have the food but no clue how to use it or expect someone else to know how to use it is just part of playing the game in a half assed way.
By the way, I love all the comments from those who read this site (sarcasm inserted). Just sitting on the sidelines and not contributing to the discussions here makes you part of the problem, not part of the solution. Get involved people, or why even bother. Share your thoughts, ask your questions, post.

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