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Friday, April 22, 2011

Survival Bible

Survival Bible

I do not remember where I first heard about a Survival Bible. I sure do hope it was not something Tonto told me about or he will want another royalty for this article!

The Survival Bible (SB) is a very simple concept. As you are building your supplies and knowledge about survival you keep a hard copy of things you think might be good to have. I started building mine by ripping out magazine article from places like Outdoor Life and Field & Stream. Most of my early savings were things I could teach the Boy Scouts on campouts. From there I started saving important information that I might need after TSHTF. There was a nice article about trouble shooting chain saws and how to keep them running well. That went in the section of my SB with a pamphlet I had on how to fell a tree. Along with a print out on which woods make the best source for heating.

I am a great believer in reading as a source of information. I understand you can only gather so much from reading and you need to put what you have read into action to truly learn a skill. I also know that I can not remember everything so I keep these articles to use as a reminder tool.

I put most of the stuff in clear plastic pages my son got from a dumpster at college. They keep the pages clean and easy to read. I bought a package of dividers and have different sections marked off. Tonto has several three ring binders that he uses for his SB. He also has a ton of stuff stored on a thumb drive.

I sometime clean out an old article because I have something newer or better. I recently found a book on soap making that cost a dollar at a garage sale. I took out the couple pages I had on soap making. The book is much more in depth.

Some things you keep may not be something you would normally think you would want. One such section I have is on turtle trapping. I have only tasted turtle once that I can remember and can’t remember how it tasted or my reaction to it. However, I have four or five articles on turtle trapping and cleaning. I doubt I would ever kill a turtle during normal times, but after TEOTWAWKI they might be an overlooked source of meat. I have eaten snake and found it very edible so I suppose if I need to feed my family with turtle I can do that. All I need to do is check my Survival Bible.


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